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Supplemental Education Services of Texas is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential and exceed their goals!

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For Home School Studies and inquiries, please contact: Coni Beck


Supplemental Education Services offers highly effective one-on-one on-site instruction, while focusing on academic improvement and building confidence. Whether in the home or at a learning center location, library or other pre-arranged facility, we offer powerful tutoring programs comprised of professional educators with years of experience.


We specialize in one-on-one academic tutoring, standardized test preparation, and accredited courses for credit & homeschooling. We also offer carreer-advancement course prep and tutoring for adults.


You might ask, Why request one-on-one help? Well, overwhelming research supports the benefits. One-on-one tutoring improves students' grades, study skills, and confidence. Tutoring is effective for short-term review and test preparation and has also proved invaluable for promoting long-term academic success.


The tutorial is tailored to fit each student's particular needs and abilities, thus enabling our teachers to provide the most effective instruction available. In addition, our instructors are available by appointment, so sessions can be arranged to fit in your schedule — 7 days a week, year round, in the morning, afternoon or evening.


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